Aaron Cicali

Intro to Aaron

In my early teens, I received a second-hand computer and began spending way too much time with it. Using Windows 3.1, the first thing I ever learned about an operating system was how file extensions work.

What I didn't know then was that all that time spent 'playing' on my computer would turn out to be a worthwhile investment.

Today my tech skills range from building a workstation or server from the ground up, to writing software for any purpose. I troubleshoot, I train, I try my best at everything. Print, scan, copy, fax, capture, edit, install, ISA, PCI, AGP, IDE, USB, CPU, IRQ, DVD, serial, parallel, binary, hexadecimal, gigabyte. Did I mention automated backup routine?

Specific Technology

Software development is great. Creativity without cost. Imagine a woodworker getting to make anything he or she desires, without ever having to buy materials. Of course there is always an initial investment for tools. My main tools are EditPlus™ (a text editor) and Photoshop™. Occasionally I whip out the old MS Visual C++™, but these days I prefer to stick to web-based development because it's easier and faster, cross-platform capable, and multi-user by nature.

Familiar Technologies: (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript/AJAX/jQuery, JSON, XML, PHP, CodeIgniter PHP Framework, OOP, MVC, MySQL, C++.

Experience & Skills

Web Development & Design

My specialty is website design and development with an emphasis on web standards, creating highly functional designs that maximize user interaction and accessibility while minimizing download times.

What does all that mean? It means faster loading pages that are rich in color and style, yet remain usable by older browsers, visitors with visual or hearing impairments, and search engines.

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